Advanced Theme Development

ManBQue is more than a brand, it’s a way of life.  They share food, recipes and ideas, hold events, and provide quality products for purchase. With a new book arriving and the desire to display their products online, they needed a website that was as responsive and dynamic as they are.

Making the home page fluid, informative, and concise was important. We wanted new and current visitors to learn more about ManBQue while having the ability to readily search their recipes, blog, and events. Having the homepage flow coincide with the navigation menu makes it easy for their website visitors to scroll and explore, or click and get right to what they’re looking for. It’s not just restricted to a desktop computer either. With a responsive website you can enjoy ManBQue’s website on any mobile device, tablet, or computer.

With a lot of quality products, their site needed to have their merchandise accessible ON their website. Having ease of use for the user is huge, so you can conveniently access their books and products from the homepage or the navigation. Search seamlessly through all their products by category or in general, checkout and pay, all on their site. With their brand new cookbook being sold on Amazon, we also made it simple to learn about their cookbook and then effortlessly connect right to the Amazon purchase page with the click of a button.

We had a lot of fun working with ManBQue and creating their website. During the process we also got to taste some amazing food, learn a few tricks, and understand the glory of Meat, Beer, and Rock ‘N Roll!