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A Chicago-based Digital Media Company

What we Do

…and who we are

Kane & McAllister is a full service Digital Media Company with over a decade of experience in online business development. Our purpose is to provide you with a web presence that reflects your passion and personality, while also staying within set timelines and budgets.

Responsive Websites

From desktop to the mobile one in your pocket, a responsive website is important. As a result, its ability to display a layout according to the size of any screen makes it a valuable experience for your visitors. Gone are the days of mobile specific sites and every site should be mobile friendly.

E-Commerce Solutions

There are many e-commerce options out there and but choosing the appropriate solution for your business is tough. We will integrate a platform that will fit the specifics of your products because creating a consistent user experience for your customers is an important part of that.

Content Management

With over 10 years of experience working with and managing the world’s #1 content management system, we are your WordPress experts. Using WordPress gives you the ability to make changes instantly and after we launch your website you will be able to add/edit the content on your own.

The Work

A few examples of previous projects

The Process

Taking the time to determine what you and your site needs allows us to come up with a custom, tailor-made plan to fit your scope and budget. No two clients are alike and as a result there will never be a standard “boiler plate” approach for our client’s needs. Finding unique solutions to challenges and keeping the results on time and within budget are important to us.


We apply our years of design and technology expertise to formulate a unique plan to approach your industry and requirements.


Our designs focus on user engagement because your site visitors need to quickly and effectively find the information you need them to see.


As we build from the wireframes and page templates we’ve created, you’ll be able to see your website come to life.


Before launch, we will walk you through all aspects of your site and teach you how to keep it relevant into the future.


Why Us?

Think. Do. Deliver.

Your vision and our expertise makes building a website easy but communicating that is a different story.

That’s why talking about your ideas and how we can make them a reality is such an important part of the process.

Our clients become a part of our team, and teams need to work together. There are budgets, parameters, and requirements.

Understanding that and meeting them is our goal.

We do the research

Love what we do

Deliver on time

You’re our business


Want to know more? Drop us a line.

How can we help?

Over a decade of using and maintaining WordPress? Check.
 Design and development? Yep.
 Small and fast projects that took a few days to complete? All the time.
 Large and intricate projects that take months to finish? Absolutely.

Everyone has different needs and everyone needs a different website.

Kevin Kane
Owner/Project Zookeeper

Michael McAllister
Owner/Solutions Consultant